Have a small business attorney guide you through starting your small business

Weekly Check-ins

Each week we can discuss goals, plans, and tools to help push you closer to your grand-opening day.

Business Registration

Registering your business with your state and local government. Also, make sure you have the appropriate permits and license

Legal Compliance

Work to ensure your business follows all local, state, and federal laws and regulations

Business Formation

Compare your options based on owners, liability, taxes, and maintenance. Research the requirements to obtain.


Our goal is to minimize the potential for employment-related lawsuits by being diligent and intentional

Customer Relationship Management System

Regardless of the type of business you wish to start, the customers are the most essential. Let's create systems to keep them happy

Agreements + Contracts

You would need agreements and contracts for multiple aspects of your business including vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, purchases, and more. Together we can be proactive to produce clarity.

* Some of the below services may be priced separately. As the client, you will have the ability to decline any services

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